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Maplesoft products are used to solve technical challenges, conduct research and enhance academic instruction. Browse our collection of user case studies to discover why leading organizations and institutions from around the globe rely on Maplesoft for their most challenging tasks.

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Maple helps discover the mathematics-based Gömböc shape

The invention of Gömböc is the culmination of a long process of mathematical research and Maple, the mathematical computation engine from Maplesoft, played an important role in its discovery. The yet-undiscovered shape was known to be a convex mono-monostatic object — a three-dimensional object, which because of its geometry had only one possible way to balance upright.

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Maple T.A. helps sustain high success rates at INSA-Lyon, France's leading engineering school

INSA Lyon (the National Institute of Applied Sciences in Lyon), one of the leading engineering schools in Europe, annually graduates 950 innovative and entrepreneurial engineers. INSA Lyon welcomes three-quarters of all its students right out of high school while the other one-quarter enter directly into their third year of study from a variety of other educational programs, resulting in a mix of educational backgrounds and skill-levels among...

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