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Maplesoft products are used to solve technical challenges, conduct research and enhance academic instruction. Browse our collection of user case studies to discover why leading organizations and institutions from around the globe rely on Maplesoft for their most challenging tasks.

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Byrun, the walking, jumping, hopping robot, built using MapleSim models

Using MapleSim, Byrun's designers and engineers have developed a biologically analogous leg design which will give Byrun the ability to walk, run, jump and hop. Byrun will be a new kind of full-scale dynamic humanoid that will take social robotics to the next level.

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Maple T.A. transforms high school teacher's impression of the use of technology in mathematics

When high school teacher Kevin Conway was a student, he enrolled in a first year calculus class at the University of Guelph, Canada. Up to that point, his experience with math classes was similar to many other students: the instructor would stand in front of the class, write down problems on the chalkboard, and students would make notes and check their work. However, on his first day of first year calculus, Kevin and his classmates were in for a surprise that would transform their impression of using technology in math education.

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