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Press Release

Waterloo Maple Shipping Maple 6
Maple 6 Analytical Computation System available for Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, and Linux

WATERLOO, Canada, February 23, 2000 - Waterloo Maple Inc., the leading provider of advanced software solutions for analytical and mathematical omputation, is pleased to announce that Maple 6 is shipping to customers as of today. This is the most significant new product for Waterloo Maple to date. Maple 6 is available in a number of platforms including Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, and Linux. The newly redesigned Student Edition is also shipping today. A 30-day trial version of the software is also available.

Maple 6 has application for scientific and engineering users in industry, research, and education. Maple 6 embodies revolutionary technological enhancements and new functionality that dramatically speeds up complex, technical computation projects. The new math engine, the result of a technology partnership between Waterloo Maple and the Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) in Oxford, UK, delivers the world's first tightly integrated suite of symbolic and numerical solvers.

Tom Lee, vice president of marketing comments, "We're very proud of the fact the Maple 6 is being delivered to our customers on time and for all platforms. We have worked very hard over the past year to balance the tremendous innovations that Maple 6 embodies and a strong research and development discipline that will allow the entire customer base to receive this great new product on a timely basis."

The most significant new features and enhancements of Maple 6 include:

  • High performance NAG computational linear algebra solvers
  • IEEE 754 compliant floating point computations
  • Connectivity to Microsoft©Excel 2000
  • Language and UI enhancements for matrix computations
  • New generation of advanced programming facilities
  • Export to more data formats including RTF and DXF
Performance improvements will be of benefit in many key technical areas such as signal and image processing, dynamic simulation, and mathematical modeling. Waterloo Maple has also introduced several key end-user features in Maple 6's programming language, large-scale floating point data handling, and user interface, to ensure that users can easily access and benefit from the engine's immense potential. Additional features in Maple 6 that complement the new engine include seamless connectivity to Microsoft©Excel 2000 and the ability to export to Rich Text Format (RTF). Both of these features allow users to coordinate and share data between Maple 6 and popular general productivity tools. A suite of new language features aimed at programmers delivers greater flexibility to more users.
Single-user list price for Maple 6 is $1695 USD for the full version. Please contact your local Maple representative or Waterloo Maple for further pricing information on new multi-user plans, academic plans or concurrent-usage licensing.

About Maplesoft
Maplesoft™ is the leading provider of high-performance software tools for engineering, science, and mathematics. Our product suite reflects our philosophy - given great tools, people can do great things. Maplesoft has transformed the way engineers, scientists, and mathematicians use math, enabling them to work better, faster, and smarter.

Organizations across the world have applied Maple in nearly every technical field, including Engineering Design, Operations Research, Scientific Research, and Financial Analysis. Maplesoft's commercial customer base includes Allied Signal, BMW, Boeing, Daimler Chrysler, DreamWorks, Ford, General Electric, Hewlett Packard, Lucent Technologies, Motorola, Raytheon, Robert Bosch, Sun Microsystems, Toyota, and Tyco.

Maplesoft offers powerful and easy-to-use tools that save time and reduce errors.
Maple is a powerful tool for solving complex mathematical problems and creating rich technical documents
Maple Toolbox for MATLAB® combines the best in symbolic and numeric computation to develop mathematical solutions
BlockBuilder™ for Simulink® is a First Principles physical modeling environment that offers automated export to Simulink
MapleNet™ allows users to publish live Maple documents on the Web
The Professional Toolbox Series provides domain-specific tools that focus the core Maplesoft products on discipline-specific applications

We believe that if you touch math, you need Maple. Visit to learn more.

For more information, please contact:
Tina George
519.747.2373 ext. 352