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Current Media Coverage

Latest version of MapleSim includes improvements to specialized modeling libraries and toolchain connectivity
November 19, 2015
OEM Off-Highway
Maplesoft announces a major new release of MapleSim, an advanced system-level modeling and simulation platform, together with important updates to many of the specialized component libraries and connectivity tools in the MapleSim family of products.
Do You Have What it Takes to be a Maple Ambassador?
November 16, 2015
Maplesoft has just announced their new Maple ambassador program aiming to educate more students about how Maple can support STEM education. The program will also act as a way for academics to interact with the Maple development team.
Using Computational Models for Robots
October 7, 2015
Boston Commons
Boston Commons has compiled a plethora of articles related to using computational models in robotics. This article includes coverage on using MapleSim to model the NAO robot.
Maplesoft Looks to Solve Online Proctoring Problem
September 9, 2015
Maplesoft has collaborated with online proctoring company Examity to bring their online proctoring tools and services to Maple T.A. The improved proctoring capabilities are designed to benefit both teachers and students with concerns about credibility during online examinations.
SAE Competitions Improve Employability of Budding CAE Engineers
September 1, 2015
A profile of the tools that are offered by Maplesoft to participants of the Formula SAE and SAE Aero Design competitions. These competitions consist of university students building working models of vehicles or airplanes to test and race.
SAE Collegiate Design Competitors Use Industry Tools from Maplesoft
August 28, 2015
Virtual-Strategy Magazine
Teams who recently participated in the Formula SAE and SAE Aero Design 2015 competitions were given the opportunity to receive free tools from Maplesoft to apply to their designs. The sponsorship equips students with industry tools that they can immediately use on their team's design, thus adding to the value of their overall experience in the competition.
Simulating one step at a time
August 27, 2015
Scientific Computing World
This featured article in Scientific Computing World outlines how Maplesoft has had continued success in the mathematical software market over the last 25 years. Laurent Bernardin, Executive Vice-President of Research and Development, discusses how the software has adapted to its users' needs, including optimizing the user interfaces, all the while maintaining the tool's integrity.
Joint Project by Maplesoft and the University of Waterloo Wins Innovation in Education Award
July 8, 2015
Virtual-Strategy Magazine
The Secondary School Courseware, a collaborative project created by Maplesoft and the University of Waterloo, has recently won an award for excellence in its integration of technology into educational practices.
Maplesoft partnering with Fields Institute to enhance use of technology in mathematical exploration
June 19, 2015
OEM Off-Highway
A partnership formed between Maplesoft and the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences is aimed at promoting the study and use of mathematics in education and research.
Maplesoft and the Fields Institute partner on math
June 19, 2015
Canadian Electronics
Maplesoft has a long history of partnering with universities, research institutions and societies that encourage the study and use of math. The most recent partnership with the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences will promote specifically the use and study of math in education, research and industry.
Share and Explore MapleSim Simulations on the Web
June 10, 2015
As the latest version of MapleSim was launched, the MapleSim Server also arrived to allow engineers easy deployment of their simulations to others in the organization while controlling access and eliminating version control issues.
Maplesoft's Annual Digital Testing and Assessment Summit to Examine Trends in Online Education
June 1, 2015
Digital CAD
Maplesoft's annual international Maple T.A. User Summit is to be held in New York City from June 15 to 17, 2015. The Summit will bring together Maple T.A. users and experts to discuss and deliberate on trends in online STEM education, and technology platforms suitable to move courses, homework and tests online. Attendees will hear from pioneering users in e-learning who have successfully implemented these technologies.
Mainstreaming Math Tools for Engineers
June 1, 2015
Desktop Engineering
As the internet has grown in popularity and usability, software companies have embraced the concept of connecting their users with one another and with the developers, and Maplesoft is no exception.
New Product from Maplesoft Offers Easy Web Deployment of MapleSim Simulations
May 20, 2015
Virtual Strategy Magazine
Maplesoft's release of MapleSim 2015 includes the latest member to the MapleSim family: the MapleSim Server. With the MapleSim Server, engineers can share their applications with other engineers in the organization, even if they do not have MapleSim. MapleSim itself has also been enhanced to include powerful new tools that help engineers manage large models efficiently, and features to allow engineers to search their models.
MapleSim Models Now Available to LABCAR Users
April 10, 2015
Desktop Engineering
Maplesoft and ETAS K.K. have announced a successful integration between hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing and MapleSim. Users can now incorporate MapleSim models directly into the LABCAR testing environment to produce fast and highly accurate simulation results.
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