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Physical Modeling Information Kit

A free resource demonstrating the speed, simplicity and power of physical modeling.

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  • MapleSim: Technological Superiority in Multi-Domain Physical Modeling and Simulation
  • Making sense out of engineering modeling and mathematics
  • Mean-Value Internal Combustion Engine Model with MapleSim
Recorded Webinars
  • Accelerating Mechatronics Applications with MapleSim and Symbolic Computation
  • MapleSim Training 1: A Guided Tour of MapleSim Fundamentals (34 mins)
  • Introducing Modern Modeling Techniques to the Undergraduate Control Course (1 hr)
  • MapleSim for Accelerating the Design of Precision-Controlled Instruments and Machines
  • High-speed robot, DeltaBotâ„¢, designed using Maplesoft technology
  • Excavator Component Supplier Reduces Effort, Improves Results, and Satisfies Clients by Replacing Aging In-House Software with Modern Modeling Tools
  • Automotive Battery Model Gives Better Results by Incorporating Both Electrical and Thermal Characteristics
  • Physical Parameters Can be Modified Directly in Comprehensive Touch Screen Model
  • Techniques in physical modeling
  • Physical Modeling Consortium: meeting the challenges of next generation engineering design
  • Physical Modeling Consortium: A wake-up call for the automotive industry
  • The Changing Face of Robotics
  • Real-World Experiences with MapleSim
  • Model diagram maps directly to physical system
  • Intuitive multi-domain modeling
  • Efficient code for fast real-time execution
  • Unique symbolic computation tools
  • Automatic 3-D animation and visualization
User Stories
  • High-speed robot, DeltaBotâ„¢, designed using Maplesoft technology
  • Excavator componenet supplier reduces effort, improves results, and satisfies clients by replacing aging in-house software with modern modeling tools
  • Automotive battery model gives better results by incorporating both electrical and thermal characteristics
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Fill out this form to access free resources demonstrating the speed, simplicity and power of physical modeling.

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