In Maple, context-sensitive menus allow you to perform mathematical operations by simply clicking the object and selecting the desired operation from the menu of choices provided.

  • Menus change according to the context, so only relevant choices are displayed. For example, “Determinant” appears in the menu for a matrix, while “Solve DE” appears for a differential equation.
  • Expressions are further analyzed to detect the variables present. These variables are added to the menus when appropriate. For example, you can specify which variable to solve for.
  • When you apply context-sensitive menu operations, a brief description is displayed above the arrows and equal signs leading to the results. These descriptions provide an automatically generated record of your actions.
  • Automatically generated text can be deleted or modified.
  • In addition to mathematical operations, context-sensitive menus make it easy to modify plot options, customize embedded components, adjust table properties, and perform other actions in Maple.

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Context-sensitive menus are used throughout the Maple demonstration movies. In particular, see:

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