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What's New

Execute Maple documents from your MapleNet application

You can now use Maple technical documents to store mathematical expressions, data, and procedures needed by your MapleNet application. MapleNet will programmatically execute these documents and return the results to your application. By placing this information in Maple, you can:

  • Use proper mathematical notation to write your expressions, so they are easily understood
  • Include text, diagrams, and graphs
  • Organize your content across multiple files
  • Maintain a single source for expressions and code used by multiple applications   

For example, you can use this functionality to create a library of engineering component descriptions, including their dimensions, mathematical properties, part numbers, and more.   The Maple documents can easily be reviewed, extended, or modified at any time.  Your MapleNet application will always access the most recent version of the document, loading the properties of whatever components are selected by the engineer using the application. 

Supports the Symbolic Computation Software Composability Protocol (SCSCP)

MapleNet supports the Symbolic Computation Software Composability Protocol (SCSCP) framework, which promotes interoperability with special-purpose computer algebra systems.  Using SCSCP, customers can take advantage of multiple systems to solve their problems while remaining in the same environment.  Maple supports this protocol, and now with MapleNet 16, customers can easily control how these services are offered.  By turning their MapleNet server into an SCSCP server, researchers can make their Maple procedures available through this mechanism, for use by other computer algebra systems that support SCSCP.

MapleNet 16 provides an interface for administering the web services related to this protocol. The interface makes it easy to configure web services by selecting which Maple commands are to be made available.  It also provides tools to manage data and configure how expressions are saved and retrieved from the server.

Take advantage of the power of Maple

MapleNet 16 takes advantage of all the computation power and visualization enhancements
in Maple, including tremendous performance gains for many core algorithms, high impact visualizations, 3-D interpolation, and world-leading algorithms in differential equations and computational physics that are beyond the reach of any other software system.