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Automatically-generated Model Equations in Full Parametric Form

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Automatically-generated model equations in full parametric form give you open access to your models for advanced applications and analysis. No more black boxes–MapleSim gives you full visibility and access to your model equations.

  • Systems equations are automatically generated directly from the system diagram, eliminating tedious calculations and calculation errors.
  • Equations are simplified using lossless symbolic techniques to produce an optimal set of equations.
  • Equations can be viewed, manipulated, and analyzed using natural math notation, making validation, analysis, and communication easier.
  • Model equations can be in the form of differential equations, transfer functions, or in matrix form, and can easily be changed from one form to another as the application requires.
  • Design parameters can be kept in symbolic form to provide greater flexibility in analysis. You can easily manipulate and post-process equations for key analytical tasks including optimization, sensitivity analysis, system identification, inverse kinematics, and more.


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Easy Equation Access and Manipulation

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