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In addition to being easy to create and share, Möbius Apps are gradeable, so you can even use them to measure your students’ understanding. By embedding a Möbius App into a Maple T.A. assignment question, it can be used as a specialized calculator for working out steps of the solution or visualizing the problem, or the Möbius App itself can be the question. To answer the question, students interact with the App directly inside Maple T.A.

Many aspects of The Möbius Project are pushing the boundaries of technology. To allow customers to try out cutting-edge technology as soon as it becomes available and begin developing content, Möbius App questions are included in Maple T.A. 9.5 as a technology preview. Maplesoft offers special services and support to assist instructors in creating, testing, and deploying gradeable Möbius Apps. Contact Maplesoft for details.

Grading a Möbius App

Maplesoft’s online testing software, Maple.T.A., will automatically grade the Möbius App by looking at what the student did with it, such as examining the location of sliders and the contents of math entry boxes. Like other Maple T.A. questions, if there is more than one correct answer, Maple T.A. will analyze the response mathematically to assign an appropriate grade.

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How to Make a Möbius
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