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Now that you’ve created a Möbius App, you can share it with everyone through the Möbius Project. You, your colleagues, and your students can use Möbius Apps to enhance lectures, enrich assessment, and support independent learning.

Sharing a Möbius App

To make your App available to everyone, including non-Maple users, simply post it to the MapleCloud from inside Maple. It can then be accessed in a variety of ways:

Share with your students or with the world! You can share your Möbius Apps with the world by posting them to the public Möbius group in the MapleCloud, or you can restrict access to just your class by posting your Apps to a private group in the MapleCloud. Möbius Apps in a private group can still be accessed via a web browser and the free Maple Player. You and your students simply need to log on to your MapleCloud account from the Möbius web site to make the private content accessible.

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