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User Testimonials
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April 4, 2005
Dr. Richard Gran

Preparing system models by hand for use in Simulink® can be laborious and error-prone, often taking up to 80% of the project time. With BlockBuilder™, projects that would have taken days to complete are turned around in a matter of hours.

Simulink is a registered trademark of The MathWorks, Inc.

March 16, 2005
Nicholas Monahan
I came into university lacking confidence in math, and Maple has been invaluable for checking my answers. This has been made even better with Maple 10. The tutor feature for a lower-level math student like myself is amazing. If I'm getting something wrong I can easily spot where I've made my error. It's excellent. Maple 10 also seems a lot easier to use. Thanks, for making this excellent software and making math bearable.
March 4, 2005
Colin Campbell
My scientific work used to be a two-step process - one package for calculations and another to document results. Now, with Maple 10 I can simultaneously do both in a single document!
March 4, 2005
Dr Venkat N. Krovi
DynaFlexPro is a fantastic package. I’d recommend it to any control-engineer who needs to create mathematical models of complex articulated multibody systems and analyze their dynamic behavior.
December 24, 2004
Edward Collett
If you require symbolic calculations, Maple is essential; you will not regret for a minute having bought the software. It is an investment that becomes more valuable as you continue to use it and explore its capabilities.
December 14, 2004
Jean-Claude Piedboeuf, Ph.D
Without the Maple software, we would have to spend weeks generating the equations of motion for every experiment. Then, the chances that we did it right would basically be near zero. There always would be a mistake somewhere. It is very difficult to set up a dynamic motion model by hand.
November 21, 2004
Ron Zuckerman
I have been using Maple for 3 years now and find it to be very intuitive. Whenever I am in need of a certain function, I have never been in a situation that I cannot find what I need in the Maple Help.
September 15, 2004
Dr. Peter A. Torpey
Maple works very well with my screen access software. In fact, this is the most useable product of its type that I've seen for use by the visually impaired.
August 8, 2004
Craig Good
Maple is an excellent engineering tool that provides insight into the complex analytical problems engineers face everyday. When faced with mission critical analysis, Maple is a tool I can both trust and rely on in all my projects.
June 19, 2004
Douglas Harder
Congratulations! With the new worksheet, GUI controls, Equation Editor, handwriting recognition for symbols, and the new statistics package, Maple 10 is great!
June 4, 2004
David L. Baughman
Maple is a sophisticated piece of mathematical software applicable to every course we teach here at AWC. From the simplest to the most sophisticated applications, we will expose our students to a valuable aid in solving problems.
May 4, 2004
Jacob Apkarian, PhD.
Most dynamic systems are modeled by systems of highly nonlinear, coupled differential equations. With Maple, it's possible to develop these models much more quickly and accurately than by hand. In fact, for many of my systems, I simply could not model them without Maple.
April 4, 2004
Prof. Tamás Terlaky

I have been working almost exclusively with MATLAB® for years; now it is time to consider Maple and its Global Optimization Toolbox, as an excellent teaching and research tool in analyzing and solving advanced nonlinear optimization problems. The Toolbox can be recommended for use in a large variety of business, research, or educational applications.

MATLAB is a registered trademark of The MathWorks, Inc.

February 4, 2004
Prof. John McPhee, P.Eng.
With Maple, we obtain symbolic expressions for complex mechanical systems that often provide unique insight into the system's behavior. Real-time simulations of extremely complex nonlinear systems can then be achieved at a fraction of the computational cost of other large, numeric-based simulation programs.
August 30, 2001
Nathan Sokalski
Maple is the first piece of software I've ever seen that displays mathematical graphs, functions and symbols the same way I'd write them. Never has it been so easy to figure out where I made my mistakes.
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