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Home : Support : Frequently Asked Questions : Mathematics
Frequently Asked Questions
Current Category: Mathematics
25 FAQ Articles in this category:
Showing articles 11-20
•        Simplifying expressions from ln(x*y) to ln(x)+ln(y) 

•        Maple gives complex root when asked to simplify (-8)^(1/3) 

•        Why does Maple return a RootOf command when I attempt to solve for an equation? 

•        Results of inner for-loops not displayed on Maple programs 

•        How do I export data into an Excel spreadsheet? 

•        Differences between Single Quote, Double Quote and Single Backward Quote 

•        The evalf command is not rounding the answer correctly 

•        What is Clickable Calculus? 

•        Computing certain integrals results in unevaluated input 

•        How do I use a different letter to represent the imaginary unit? 

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