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Home : Support : Frequently Asked Questions : Maple
Frequently Asked Questions
Current Product: Maple
181 FAQ Articles in this category:
Showing articles 141-150
•        Change background colour of help system in Maple 

•        I recently purchased the downloadable version of your product, and I am having trouble installing it. Can I get a refund? 

•        Computing certain integrals results in unevaluated input 

•        Changing the version of Java (JRE) that Maple uses (Macintosh OS X) 

•        3D Graphics Troubleshooting 

•        Xlib errors when running Maple in Linux 

•        Standard subscripts (table references) versus Literal Subscripts 

•        Screen corruption running Maple on Windows 

•        Maple's interface blanks when I execute a command 

•        Display negative powers in Maple without automatic simplification 

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