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Learn how to Create, Share & Grade Möbius Apps

Language: English
Duration: 35 Minutes

Learn how to Create, Share & Grade Möbius Apps

The Möbius Project is a revolutionary initiative that brings the power of Maple to even more people, in even more ways. This webinar will demonstrate:

• How to create Möbius Apps in Maple
• How to share Möbius Apps with your colleagues and students using the MapleCloud
• How to grade Möbius Apps in Maple T.A. 

The Möbius Project makes it easy to create rich, interactive Maple applications, share them with even non-Maple users, and grade them to assess understanding. Möbius Apps provide a simple point-and-click interface to the full power of Maple, from helping you solve an integral or visualize a function to calculating the necessary thickness of foil for a solar panel. Möbius Apps can help you, your colleagues, and your students solve a problem, visualize a solution, explore a concept, and assess understanding.

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