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La Physique cliquable - Partie 2: Électromagnétisme

Language: French
Duration: 108 Minutes

La Physique cliquable - Partie 2: Électromagnétisme

In this webinar, Professor Mario Lemelin apply the techniques of "clickable Physics" for standard calculations in electromagnetism. clickable Physics, is the idea of powerful mathematical calculations obtained using interactive methods of point-and-click very visuals. It offers teachers a new generation of technology in teaching and learning concepts in physics. Physics clickable introduced a better way to engage students so that they fully understand the concepts that are taught. It answers the most common complaint of teachers who want to integrate the software into the classroom -. Too much time spent teaching tool, not enough for concepts M. Lemelin, professor of physics and mathematics at both the college and university level is an educator who pioneered the use of Maple in the classroom since 1996. Author and speaker, Mr. Lemelin has promoted the use of symbolic software in class and was the initiator of the first symposium on the use of this type of tool.

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