Engineering Education Information Kit - Maplesoft

Engineering Education Information Kit

A free resource demonstrating how Maplesoft is enriching the classroom and accelerating research.

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  • Videos
  • Recorded Webinars
  • Engineering Curriculum Content
  • User Stories
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  • Modeling
  • Simulation
  • Analysis
  • Create your First Model
  • Create Custom Components
  • Extract and Manipulate Equations
  • Simulate and Visualize
  • Analyze and Optimize

Recorded Webinars

  • Clickable Engineering Problem Solving: Part 1
  • Clickable Engineering Math: Part 2 - Interactive Engineering Problem Solving
  • The Potential of MapleSim to Energize the Curriculum to Meet Emerging Needs of 21st Centry Engineering
  • Inductive Learning Tool, MapleSim, Improves Engineering Courses
  • Educational Techniques for the Next Generation of Engineers

User Stories

  • MapleSim and Maple Used in the Design of Geeros, a Customizable, Educational Gyropode Robot
  • MapleSim Models Aid in the Development of Training Simulator to Improve Labor Induction Techniques
  • Maple is used by Renault to estimate the risk of an engine seizing
  • The University of Manchester Uses MapleSim in Robotics and Control Systems Courses
  • Maple T.A. helps sustain high success rates at INSA-Lyon, France's leading engineering school
  • Engineering Professor uses MapleSim to introduce more exploratory methods of teaching


  • Challenges and Solutions in Automated STEM Assessment
  • Making Sense out of Engineering Modeling and Mathematics
  • Inductive Learning Tool Improves Instrumentation Course
  • Adaptive Testing: Effective Personalized Assessment for STEM Education
  • Maple Creates Better Teaching and Learning Experiences
  • Maplesoft Software Used in Advanced Engineering Research

Engineering Curriculum Content - Exploring Engineering Fundamentals

  • Kinematics & Dynamics
  • Intro to Vibrations
  • Intro to Control Systems
  • Robot Manipulators
  • Electrical Circuits
  • Classroom content for a Control Theory course