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Maple Professional Information Kit

A free resource demonstrating how Maple can be used to reduce errors and maximize the value of your calculation efforts.

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Recorded Webinars

  • Better Math = More Answers: Introducing Maple 2019 for Professionals
  • Maple Training for Engineers, Researchers and Scientists
  • Applications in Image Processing
  • Calculation Management for Engineers
  • Units in Engineering and Scientific Calculations
  • Symbolic Specialization: Making Your Code Faster

User Stories

  • Quantum Mechanics Researcher Uses Maple to Refine Cancer Treatment
  • Calculation Management with Confidence: Creating Robust, Auditable Processes in the Mining Industry
  • Maple Drastically Reduces Downtime of Steam Turbines by Improving the Ultrasonic Testing of Rotor Blades
  • Maple helps engineers design propulsion systems for some of the world's biggest ships
  • Renault uses Maple to develop new motor for full electric vehicle
  • Maple improves quality of life for people with limited upper-body mobility


  • Maple In Action
  • From Months to Days – A collection of Maplesoft customer application stories


  • Engineers - Stop using Excel Before You Make an Expensive Error!
  • Signal Processing with Maple
  • Reduce Calculation Risk with Units-Aware Math Software
  • Engineers – Stop Doing Algebra by Hand!
  • Calculation Management Done Right