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How Maple Compares to Mathcad®

Maple handles all your mathematical needs, with fast numeric math and leading symbolic computation.

How Maple Compares to Mathcad®

Maple and Mathcad® have their own unique design principles. However, Maple is a better solution if you need:

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Why These Five Mathcad® Users Switched to Maple

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Maple vs. Mathcad Comparison Chart


Mathcad Prime Maple
Licensing Model Subscription Perpetual
With a perpetual license, your work is yours indefinitely. You're not locked out if you decide not to continue with a subscription, or the product is discontinued.
Single-User Upgrades No. Users must be on active maintenance to get upgrades, or purchase new licences. Yes. Users can buy discounted upgrades.
Budget for upgrades when it suits you, not the software vendor.
Discounted licenses for users with no commercial application or academic affiliation No. Yes.


Mathcad Prime Maple
Numeric Math Limited. Extensive range of functions across the entire range of math, science, engineering and technology.
High performance numeric math means you can solve more problems without buying toolboxes. Superior memory management means you can analyze larger systems with the same computing resources.
Symbolic Math Very limited with numerous gaps. Extensive, best of breed.
Remove risk from the algebraic manipulation of equations, and solve a far wider range of equations. Learn More
Programming Language Limited, useful only for small programs. Fully-featured, with code conversion to other languages.


Mathcad Prime Maple
Visualization and Plotting Limited number of inflexible plots. Full spectrum of high-impact, flexible plots and visualizations. Highly customizable.
Draw your audience in and create publication quality plots.


Mathcad Prime Maple
MATLAB® No. Yes.
Maximize the investment you've made in MATLAB with full two-way connectivity Develop symbolic models in Maple, and then generate code for MATLAB.
Internet and Network Data Sources No. Yes.
Access data from anywhere, not just your local file system.


Mathcad Prime Maple
Runtime Environment Via Mathcad Express, limited. Via Maple Player.
Deploy your interactive Maple applications at no additional cost.
Web No. Free via Maple Cloud
Use your Maple applications anywhere, anytime, with just a web browser.

Mathcad is a registered trademark of PTC Inc. or its subsidiaries in the U.S. and in other countries. MATLAB is a registered trademark of The MathWorks, Inc.