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The Ultimate Online
Math Tool!

As a parent, are you looking for a way to support your
child in their high school math courses, and beyond?
This free math tool will help your student (and give
you a break!)
Is your child getting frustrated or becoming disengaged in their math courses?
Are you getting tired of being the primary math homework helper in your household? Or do you wish you could help more, but don’t have the time or the expertise?
Maple Learn can help your student succeed in their math classes, AND give you a break!

Even the most gifted students get frustrated with math sometimes, and it’s hard to watch them struggling.  The more feedback they get while doing their homework, the better off they will be, but you can’t hover over their shoulder every minute, even if you wanted to. But Maple Learn can be there! Maple Learn can help your student become less frustrated, more confident, and more successful in their math courses.

Here’s how! With Maple Learn, your student can:

  • Check their homework, building confidence and identifying problems with their understanding before the next test
  • Verify the individuals steps of their solutions to figure out where they went wrong
  • Easily share their work with their teacher, tutor, classmates, or you when asking for help, and no one has to decipher their handwriting!
  • Strengthen their conceptual understanding by graphing problems and solutions, and exploring how those graphs change when they change the mathematical expression

You don’t even need an account to get started, so you and your student can give Maple Learn a try right now and see for yourself!

Maple Learn is part of the Maple Math Suite, a family of math software products that makes it extremely easy to explore, visualize, and solve mathematical problems from early high school all the way through to graduate studies. Check out the full range of products to find the one that suits your student best.