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The easiest way to create interactive online content for any course that involves math!
Looking for an online math tool to use in your math classes?
With over 30 years of experience working with educators to bring software to the math classroom, Maplesoft has both the technology and the expertise to deliver a teaching and learning environment like no other: Maple Learn.

Maple Learn's unique, like-paper-but-better environment puts all the visualization, solving tools, and interactivity you want at your fingertips, while also giving you the flexibility to work through steps like you would on paper. The result? Maple Learn provides a single, familiar environment that supports and enriches how you teach today, making it easy to bring the benefits of technology to your students.

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With Maple Learn, you can:
  • Provide illuminating graphs, computations, explanations, and interactive explorations all together in a single online document. No need to switch between tools!
  • Focus students’ attention on the most important steps. You can work through problems using a combination of manual steps and computations performed by Maple Learn, so you control the level of detail shown in the calculation.
  • Provide more engaging examples. Since you don’t have to do every time-consuming step of the solution by hand, you can provide more complex, real-world problems to motivate your students.
  • Parameterize expressions at the click of a button so you and your students can explore concepts, even on the spur of the moment.
  • Easily create and share documents and applications with your class to explore on their own.
  • Use one tool to teach all your subjects.  Maple Learn covers everything from high school math up until the end of second year university, so you don’t have to switch tools when you switch classes.
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