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Maple offers many tools for analyzing and manipulating signals and images.

Maple offers many tools for analyzing and manipulating signals and images.

  • Use FFTs, wavelets, Lomb-Scargle analyses for irregularly sampled data and more
  • Perform upsampling and downsampling, and use interpolation to fill in gaps
  • Generate periodograms, spectrograms, phase and magnitude plots and more
  • Import and export many types of data, including Excel, text, audio and images
  • Take advantage of symbolic math that helps you understand concepts such as convolution
  • Employ units-aware numeric solvers that help you solve iterative problems, such as those that arise in antenna design
  • Explore a large collection of examples and applications
  • Do and document your analyses in a single interface, and deploy to the desktop and web
  • Apply signal processing techniques to digital twins developed in MapleSim

Read a whitepaper on Signal Processing with Maple
Discover the Signal Processing Package in Maple

This webinar demonstrates the signal processing package for Maple, including tools for frequency domain analysis, windowing, signal generation and analysis, and more.

Watch the webinar

Signal Processing Features

Maple’s signal processing tools include the following:

  • Signal Preprocessing & Generation: Smoothing, denoising, detrending, outlier removal, resampling, waveform generation, interpolation (regular and irregular grids) etc.
  • Filters: Digital (IIR/FIR), analog filters
  • Transforms: FFT (1-D & 2-D), DFT, DCT, wavelets, real & complex cepstrum
  • Spectral Analysis: Periodogram (1-D and images), spectrogram, Lomb-Scargle
  • Signal Analysis: Convolution, cross-correlation, autocorrelation, peak finding, signal statistics
  • Miscellaneous: Bode/Nyquist/Root-Locus, curve fitting, multivariable regression, symbolic math, transfer functions, state space, DEs, optimization, numeric and symbolic solvers
  • Import/Export: Text, Excel, audio, databases, images, binary files

In addition to the Signal Processing package, Maple provides many other packages useful in signal processing applications, including:

Examples in Signal Processing