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MATLAB® Connectivity

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Maple provides several different connectivity options for MATLAB®.

Two-Way Integration between Maple and MATLAB®
Maple offers a technical computing solution that is tightly integrated with MATLAB®, providing direct access to all the commands, variables, and functions of each product while working in either environment.

  • Enhanced integration with MATLAB® provides direct access to all of the commands, variables, and functions of each product while working in either environment.
  • Access Maple's world-leading symbolic engine to handle the symbolic portions of your MATLAB® calculations and programs.
  • If you are working in MATLAB®, you can still access Maple interactive assistants and tutors for rapid solution development.
  • Gain arbitrary precision in your MATLAB® calculations, avoiding catastrophic cancellations in your MATLAB® code.
  • Fully compatible with code written using earlier versions of symbolic toolboxes from The MathWorks™.

Flexible Connectivity Tools

MATLAB® to Maple code translation

The MATLAB® to Maple code translator helps you to convert your existing MATLAB® code into Maple for use in new or expanded projects. It also offers quick on-the-fly translations if you are more familiar with MATLAB® syntax.

  • Converts and automatically executes MATLAB® commands by using the Maple equivalents
  • Works with single commands or MATLAB® .m files
  • Supports basic operations, matrix indexing, and matrix construction
  • Over 100 MATLAB® commands are automatically mapped to their Maple equivalents
  • Collection of translatable commands is user-expandable


MATLAB® Code Generation
Maple’s code generation feature can generate MATLAB® code from Maple expressions and procedures.
Learn more about code generation in Maple.


The MATLAB® link lets you call on MATLAB® to perform calculations from the Maple environment, and return the results to Maple for further analysis.

  • Call out to MATLAB® to compute and retrieve the results of arbitrary MATLAB® expressions using flexible communication tools.
    • Includes the ability to set and retrieve MATLAB® variable values from Maple.
    • Any MATLAB® functions can be called, including your custom routines.
    • The retrieved MATLAB® result is automatically converted to a Maple data structure.
  • Directly access over a dozen common MATLAB® functions.
    • Maple commands seamlessly accept both MATLAB® and Maple data structures, and call MATLAB® behind the scenes to perform the calculation.
    • Direct-access functionality is available for calculating Cholesky factorizations, determinants, dimensions, eigenvalues, LU decompositions, discrete Fourier transforms, and more.

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