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Give non-experts an easy way to simulate, visualize, and explore their digital twins, and unlock virtual commissioning by connecting models directly to your automation tools.

Find simulation-based control efficiencies to run your hardware at peak performance.

  • Develop optimized control code by testing against realistic machine models
  • Fix unwanted vibrations or other machine issues without resorting to hardware upgrades
  • Get real-time, 3-D visualizations of your machine’s response to control strategies

Simulation-based testing of machine control strategies is a key element of virtual prototyping and the use of digital twins for virtual commissioning. Unfortunately, this step can be cumbersome, as many automation tools provide limited options for machine-level, simulation-based controller testing, and these options often require moving development to an entirely new platform. MapleSim Insight gives machine builders powerful, simulation-based debugging and 3-D visualization capabilities that directly connect to your automation tools, so you can perform simulation-based testing of your controller easily and efficiently. MapleSim Insight provides both 3-D visualizations for quick visual feedback, and 2-D plots to get precise answers for testing and debugging, so you can always get the level of detail you need. With a real-time connection to most common automation platforms, MapleSim Insight shows you exactly how your control strategies will impact your machine – all before a physical prototype is constructed.

MapleSim Insight Features

  • Test the impact of your control strategies in real-time to fix issues and optimize performance without a physical machine present.
  • See 3-D visualizations of your models that run in real-time, giving you a high quality, CAD-based reference for your control strategy development.
  • Compare results from multiple testing scenarios using both 2-D plots and 3-D animations.
  • Use MapleSim Insight with any of your tools that support compiled Function Mock-up Units, such as the Rockwell Studio 5000® Environment or MathWorks® Simulink


MapleSim Insight

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FMU Insight
New Features for 2022

With the 2022 release, MapleSim Insight offers new productivity and connectivity features. Use MapleSim Insight as a simple, low-cost solution for deploying MapleSim models to those who don’t have MapleSim.

  • The new Results Management tool lets you quickly view simulation results across multiple scenarios.
    • When running simulations with different parameter values, the results can be named and saved for later retrieval.
    • Multiple results can easily be compared by overlaying the plots on the same set of axes.
    • Descriptive notes can be added to the stored results, making it simple to identify simulation versions and resume previous work
  • MapleSim Insight offers enhanced data mapping when connecting to automation software using EtherNet/IP.  While MapleSim Insight has always automatically generated Electronic Data Sheet (EDS) files for a given FMU, it now additionally provides RSLogix 5000 files (L5X) for use with Rockwell Automation’s Studio 5000® software family. These can be used to map the EtherNet/IP data to the tags inside of Logix Designer®.
  • New Tutorial Mode makes it faster for teams to become productive with MapleSim Insight. The hands-on guide walks new users through common tasks, so they can get started easily.
FMU Insight

FMU Visualization with MapleSim Insight
See real-time, 3-D visualizations of your FMU while using them in industry-standard tools

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Virtual Commissioning with MapleSim Insight and Rockwell Studio 5000

See how virtual commissioning can help you design better control strategies when using MapleSim Insight with tools from Rockwell Automation.

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