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MapleSim Connector for JMAG®-RT

MapleSim Connector for JMAG-RT

The MapleSim Connector for JMAG-RT allows you to combine the powerful finite element analysis (FEA) abilities of JMAG with the advanced physical modeling approach of MapleSim to produce high-fidelity system models that seamlessly incorporate components from each system.

  • Include highly detailed motor and generator models from JMAG as part of your MapleSim multidomain system models.
  • Further refine your system model by implementing power output characteristics, such as torque and speed, based on inductance and counter-electromotive force information from the JMAG model.  For example, you can incorporate non-sinusoidal fluxes and currents that are a result of asymmetric motor construction.
  • Produce highly optimized, auto-generated code of your entire system model, suitable for real-time execution and hardware- and software-in-the-loop testing.

How it works

  • Use the FEA approach of JMAG to develop, analyze, and fine-tune your electric motor or generator, taking into account such diverse factors as thermal, structural, and vibration issues.
  • Export the JMAG model to a form suitable for real-time simulation using JMAG-RT.
  • Take advantage of the intuitive physical modeling environment of MapleSim to create high-fidelity physical models of your other subsystems.
  • Incorporate the JMAG-RT file seamlessly into your MapleSim model using the MapleSim Connector for JMAG-RT. 
  • Explore your new system-level model. Run simulations, customize analyses or script entirely new ones, perform optimizations, develop advanced symbolic control laws, and investigate your new combined model at the system level, gaining insights not possible when considering components separately.
JMAG example


The MapleSim Connector for JMAG-RT is suitable for the development of any system in which the motor or generator is likely to have significant interactions with other components of the system. It is especially suited for electric and hybrid-electric vehicle applications.