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MapleSim Connector

MapleSim Connector

With the MapleSim Connector, you can enhance and extend your Simulink® models by integrating MapleSim's high-performance, multi-domain environment into your existing toolchain.

MapleSim Connectivity

You can quickly develop and optimize engineering system models in the intuitive physical modeling environment of MapleSim. Using this toolbox, high-performance, high-fidelity MapleSim models are automatically converted to S-Function blocks for seamless inclusion in Simulink diagrams. The MapleSim Connector:

  • Exports any MapleSim model to Simulink, including models with custom components
  • Creates Simulink S-Function blocks for fast execution within Simulink and real-time implementation through Simulink Coder™ for simulation on supported platforms such as dSPACE®, xPC Target™ and B&R Automation Studio Target for Simulink.
    • S-Functions are created from the symbolically simplified system equations produced by MapleSim, resulting in compact, highly efficient models.
    • The resulting code is further optimized using the powerful optimization tools in Maple, ensuring fast execution.

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Product Details

  • Creates ANSI C code S-Function blocks from MapleSim models for inclusion in Simulink diagrams.
  • Exports all MapleSim models, including systems with discrete events.
  • Produces highly efficient S-Functions for fast execution within Simulink and real-time implementation through Simulink Coder™.
  • Produces efficient S-Functions for complicated systems, such as systems that include algebraic loops or have index-2 or higher DAEs.
  • Generates multi-input/multi-output blocks with user-definable parameter masks, so the Simulink block can be used immediately once created.
  • Supports models that include MapleSim custom components, automatically incorporating any user-defined procedures.
  • Designates all input ports that do not affect the outputs as non-feedthrough to help Simulink deal with algebraic loops between Simulink blocks more effectively.
  • Exports lookup tables used by the model to an external file read at run time so the table data can be modified between simulation runs without having to recompile the model.
  • Provides an easy-to-use MapleSim template with an intuitive step-by-step interface for setting parameters and options, browsing generated code, and exporting models to Simulink.
  • Includes a set of Maple language commands that provide programmatic access to all functionality as an alternative to the interactive interface and for custom application development.
  • Automatically generates modifiable block documentation for the Simulink block, which is incorporated into the block definition and accessible from within Simulink.
  • Places the S-Function block directly into a Simulink model or saves it into the Simulink Block Library for easy incorporation in multiple Simulink models.
  • Supports viewing, debugging, and visualizing simulation results involving exported MapleSim models using the powerful results management tools in MapleSim, even though the simulation was done in Simulink.