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High Performance Computing

Maplesoft’s solutions for high-performance computing (HPC) give you a solid framework for solving your challenging, large-scale mathematical problems.

  • Automatic parallelism: Take advantage of all available processor cores to perform many fundamental computations in parallel, automatically.
  • Multithreaded programming: Maplesoft offers the only technical computing system that allows you to take advantage of multithreading in your own programs, and its unique Task Programming Model reduces and removes many of the difficulties associated with standard threaded programming.
  • Multi-process programming on a local grid: Maple allows you to launch multiple compute processes right from the user level, without the need for any prior setup or administration.
  • Grid computing: Easily create and test parallel distributed programs for large scale computations.
  • Math-aware programming language: Write efficient, readable code in a language designed for mathematical problem solving.

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