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MaplePrimes couldn’t exist without the generous contributions of many talented users. They answer others’ questions and post their own valuable insights and experiences for the rest of us to benefit from. In many ways you are true mentors.

The MaplePrimes editors would like to acknowledge their contributions and to encourage others to be inspired by their leadership. We will be awarding a series of prizes for exceptional and continued contributions to this site. Awards will be presented on a quarterly basis.

Winners of quarterly awards will be determined by the MaplePrimes editorial staff. We will base the decision on quantity and quality of posts and answers. Of course we welcome your commentary and suggestions on potential recipients.

Quarterly Awards

Prizes to be awarded for contribution to the overall MaplePrimes community and for contributions specifically to the Student areas.

  • Apple iPod Nano
  • Canon Powershot digital camera A460
  • 4.5” (114mm) reflector telescope
  • Deluxe wooden chess set

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