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    Home : Support : Downloads & Service Packs : Maple 16.01 Update Details and Downloads

Maple 16.01 Update Details and Downloads

Maplesoft has released Maple 16.02, which contains all the enhancements in this update plus additional improvements. Visit Maple 16.02 for details and to download.

Maple 16.01, a maintenance update, is available to all users running Maple 16. This update contains enhancements to many areas, including:

Math Engine

  • Enhancements to the Physics package in the area of general relativity
  • Improvements to the compile=true option for pdsolve on Windows
  • Updates to ExcelTools:-Import when importing a single cell
  • Enhancements to DynamicsSystems:-Linearize, including more detailed feedback on ill-formed systems


  • Improvements to plotting multiple curves at once using non-Cartesian coordinates
  • Updates to Student:-VectorCalculus:-PlotVector and implicitplot3d
  • Improvements to exporting 3-D plots to EPS and PDF formats


  • Translations of tutors and assistants into French and Brazilian Portuguese
  • Improved behavior of tabs in text regions
  • Updates to 2-D math, the variable palette, displaying help pages as worksheets, and the task palette

Obtaining Support

If you have any questions or experience difficulties with this update, please contact Maplesoft Customer Service.