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Maple T.A. 5.0 Hotfixes

From time to time, Maplesoft issues corrections and enhancements to Maple T.A. in the form of downloadable hotfixes which can be applied to your existing Maple T.A. installation. A hotfix is a zip file (for Windows) or compressed tar file (for Linux or Solaris) containing a readme, a script and a small number of replacement files.

If you have Maple T.A. 5.01, your installation already contains hotfixes 500-001 through to 500-011. The first hotfix you should install is 500-012.

Note: Hotfixes must be installed sequentially. For example, to install hotfix 500-003, you must first install hotfixes 500-001 and 500-002. If you have Maple T.A. 5.01, start with hotfix 500-012, and then install 500-013, and so on. If a Tomcat restart is required by one or more of the hotfixes being applied, stop Tomcat, apply all hotfixes in order, and then restart Tomcat.

How do I tell which version I have?
To determine the version of your Maple T.A. installtion, from the Help menu, select About Maple T.A. If the build date is Oct. 5, 2009, you have Maple T.A. 5.01. If the build date is earlier than this date, you have Maple T.A. 5.00, and so should install all the hotfixes.

To install the hotfixes, follow the instructions in the appropriate readme file.  A copy of these instructions is also included in the download.

Windows Readme
Linux or Solaris Readme

Hotfixes for Maple T.A. 5.00

If you have Maple T.A. 5.01, you do not need to install these hotfixes.


Hotfixes for Maple T.A. 5.00 and Maple T.A. 5.01
All customers should install these fixes.

This fix makes sure all assignment policies get picked up and processed correctly by Mastery assignments.

Note: Tomcat restart is required.

Obtaining Support
If you have any questions or experience difficulties with this update, please contact Technical Support.

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