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Complex Logarithms and Exponents: 60 Years Ago vs. the Unwinding Number

Length: 42 Minutes
Presenter: Dr. Robert Lopez
Product: Maple

Sixty years ago, in an undergraduate course in complex variables, I saw that the laws of logarithms and exponents on the real line fail in the complex plane. The book I learned from provided a complicated and difficult to remember set of adjustments. Unfortunately, that same approach was built into ...

Conceptual Mathematics: Exemplified by Nontraditional Lines&Planes Problems

Length: 57 Minutes
Presenter: Dr. Robert Lopez
Product: Maple

A series of nontraditional "Lines&Planes" problems appeared in MaplePrimes sometime back. These problems required careful interpretation, visualization, and eventually, computation. (The author of this webinar frankly admits his struggles to think about and visualize the relationships between ...