MapleNet Worksheet and Education Demonstrations - Maplesoft


The following demonstrations highlight some of the features and functionality of MapleNet. These demonstrations allow you to view and interact with applications using your web browser. MapleNet can also be used to power desktop and mobile device applications.

Maple Documents
Maple documents can be posted to a MapleNet server without modification. These interactive documents are created using Maple’s buttons, math entry boxes, sliders, and other interactive embedded components. Once posted, users interact with these applications inside a browser in the same way as they would inside Maple. Try the demos below, and then visit The Möbius Project to see hundreds more Maple documents powered by MapleNet.

  • Dissolved Oxygen Model for Rivers

    In this MapleNet application, the concentration profile of dissolved oxygen is determined in a river system whose parameters are interactively defined by the user.

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  • Signal Generation

    This application generates wave forms based on fundamental frequency and harmonics settings provided interactively by the user.

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  • Units Calculator

    This MapleNet calculator can be used to convert between over 500 units of measure.

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  • Tower of Hanoi

    This interactive application lets you solve the puzzle of the Tower of Hanoi, using different numbers of disks.

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Other Browser Applications

MapleNet supports the use of a variety of technologies for creating browser-based web applications. The following examples illustrate some of these methods by showing both the application and the code used to create the application.

Note: Some of these demos require that you have a Java plug-in (Java Runtime Environment JRE 6 Update 10 (v. 1.6.0_10) or later, including the browser plug-in). If you do not have this plug-in, some interactive features will not be available. If that happens, you can download and install the JRE appropriate for your system.