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    Home : Maple Elite Maintenance Program : Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions about Elite Maintenance

This information answers commonly asked questions about the Maplesoft Elite Maintenance Program (EMP). If you have questions not answered here, please contact Maplesoft.


If I subscribe to EMP, what happens at the time of a new release?
The software will automatically be sent to you. For most products, you will receive a download link and a purchase code via email. For products that are not available via download, the product will be shipped to you.  For multi-user sites, the software and activation code will be sent to the designated contact in our records.

What is the Maple Adoption Program?
The Maple Adoption Program is available to instructors at institutions that have Maple licenses and are enrolled in the Elite Maintenance Program. By registering for the adoption program, instructors at eligible institutions can offer a discount on Maple to their students. See Maple Adoption Program for details.

How will I know when my renewal is due?
When you come to the end of your EMP subscription period, you will be offered the chance to renew these services. You will receive a Renewal Notice approximately 8 weeks before the due date. Your renewal date is determined by the anniversary date of your original purchase.

Can I request an early quotation on my renewal?
Yes. In the US & Canada simply contact your renewal representative. Outside of US & Canada, please contact your local Maplesoft Reseller.

Can I designate different contacts within my institution for different services (i.e. main contact to receive renewal notice, technical contact, and financial contact)?
Yes, simply complete this form and email it to your renewal representative. Outside of the US & Canada contact your local Maplesoft Reseller.

Can I purchase multiple years of EMP?
Yes. In US & Canada please contact your renewal representative for details. Outside of the US & Canada contact your local Maplesoft Reseller.

What are accepted payment options?
Official purchase order, check and credit card (AMEX, Visa & Mastercard.)

How do I renew my Elite Maintenance Program subscription?
To process your order, we will require a Purchase Order containing the following information:

  1. Your complete billing address.
  2. Your complete shipping address for new releases when available.
  3. Payment terms of Net 30 days.
  4. A signature of the authorized purchaser, accompanied by their title.
  5. The current platforms that you will be running Maple on: Window, Linux, Mac and/or Unix.
  6. The e-mail address where you would like your License File sent.
  7. Orders may be subject to applicable taxes depending on your state or province. Please include a tax exemption certificate if applicable.
  8. If renewal payment is by VISA, MasterCard, or American Express, please contact us by phone 1 (800)267.6583 or, by fax 1(519) 747-5284 with your credit card information.

Note: this renewal process is for subscribers in the US & Canada. If you reside outside of the US & Canada please contact your local Maplesoft Reseller


If you would like to learn more about the Elite Maintenance Program and you reside in the US or Canada please send a message to, or at 1-800-267-6583 ext.522. Outside of the US & Canada, please contact your local Maplesoft Reseller.