Modelica Components in MapleSim - Maplesoft
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Supports the Open Standard Modelica Modeling Language


Modelica® is an open standard for describing physical models and components. Because Modelica components have been developed over many years and validated by industry, engineers can have confidence that their models will provide an accurate representation of the system.

The combination of Modelica, an open, object-oriented, system-level modeling language, with the symbolic computation power of MapleSim enables a level of understanding, power, and extensibility that is not possible with “black-box” tools. Models and components are open and can be modified, making them easy to reuse, customize, and extend.

Maplesoft is committed to supporting the Modelica open standard and wishes to encourage the development and use of common component libraries. Maplesoft is proud to be playing a part in fostering a community of like-minded engineers willing to share their skills and knowledge. By adhering to the Modelica standard, we believe that we are contributing to a technical skills framework and common pool of knowledge that can assist engineering organizations to efficiently develop innovative processes and products that will ultimately benefit everyone.

Maplesoft experts are available to help you with all your Modelica modeling needs. With Modelica at the core of most of our development projects, we specialize in the modeling, simulation, and optimization of complex multidomain systems such as ground transportation, automotive transmissions, space systems, marine plant, batteries, electric powertrain, and much more.