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Robotics and Mechatronics Information Kit

A free resource demonstrating how MapleSim and Maple are used within robotics and mechatronics applications.

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  • Jacob Apkarian describing an unmanned aerial vehicle application (Q-ball)
  • Maplesoft Case Study: Canadian Space Agency Research Project
  • Solving Inverse Kinematic Problems: Tracking-Radar Motion Control

Recorded Webinars

  • Highly Efficient Models for Multibody Systems for HIL Simulation of Robotic Systems
  • Robotics Design in Maple and MapleSim
  • Arm Control for World’s Largest Functional Brain Model
  • Mechatronic and Robotic Applications of MapleSim

MapleSim Models

  • Analyze the Path of a Liquid-Handling Robot
  • Robotic Hand Model
  • Robot Leg Motion after Surface Impact
  • Self-Balancing Robot
  • Planetary Rover

User Stories

  • Maximizing energy regeneration with MapleSim makes improvements to assistive devices possible
  • Researchers use MapleSim to develop musculoskeletal arm and robot models for rehabilitation
  • MapleSim used to speed up development of high-fidelity robotic manipulator models
  • Modeling the Nao Robot in MapleSim
  • Byrun, the walking, jumping, hopping robot, built using MapleSim models
  • High-speed robot, DeltaBot™, designed using Maplesoft™ technology
  • Controller arm for Spaun, world’s largest functional brain model, built using MapleSim
  • Multi-Domain Modeling Critical to Unmanned Vehicle Designs


  • MapleSim Used to Rapidly Develop a High Fidelity Multi-Domain Model of a Robotic Space Rover
  • Math Software Models Motions of Spacecraft's Robotic Arm
  • Maple contributes to revolutionary advancements in medical robotic technology


  • The Changing Face of Robotics
  • Maple Used to Help Develop Model of Ultrasonic Motor for Controller Design

Blog Post

  • J Robot