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Compare: Interactive Exploration

No other system makes it so easy to investigate mathematics-based problems. With the "clickable" tools incorporated into Maple's Smart Document Environment, you can define your problem using standard mathematical notation, solve your problem, visualize the results, and explore how those results change as you modify the original problem, all through the use of interactive point-and-click tools.

Context-sensitive Menus

Through Maple's context-sensitive menus, you are always offered a choice of operations that make sense for your selection, be it a polynomial, a matrix, or a plot. You do not need to learn long lists of commands or wade through huge menus looking for the relevant choices. Every step you make is automatically documented so you can easily retrace your steps.

Document your Work

You can further document your exploration steps before, during, or after you are done, adding explanations using text, mathematics, images, and plots. An exploration session can evolve into a fully documented report, recording why you made the choices you did and what the results mean. You can even go back to the beginning, modify the original problem, and automatically recalculate all the steps to obtain a new result while your explanations remain intact.

Powerful Engine

Underneath the Smart Document Environment lies the full strength, breadth, and depth of the Maple computation engine. You have easy access to numeric and symbolic computations, high-powered solvers, specialized mathematics, and sophisticated visualization tools.

Instant Productivity

The Smart Document Environment is extremely intuitive, with a very low learning curve. It takes almost no time for new users to become productive, and customers who only need Maple once every few months report that, unlike many other products, they don't need to spend time re-learning the product every time they use it.