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MapleSim Web Handling Library MapleSim Web Handling Library

The MapleSim Web Handling Library brings a set of modeling components to simulate roll-to-roll processes, helping you manage tensioning, optimize the web speed and reduce web slippage.

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The MapleSim Web Handling Library allows you to easily create models of the tension across web zones as part of your machine development.

Using this add-on library to MapleSim, you can:

  • Model the dynamics of web such as paper, textiles, metal foils, and plastic films passing through roll-to-roll systems
  • View enhanced 3-D visualizations of your web handling system’s performance
  • Add fidelity to your machine models by including nip rollers, dancers, accumulators
  • Develop system modeling for control validation
  • And more!


  • Create web handling systems-based models using components such as nip rollers, idlers and wind/unwind drums, and view performance under a variety of web speeds and material thicknesses.
  • Incorporate realistic behaviors of roll-to-roll systems, including web properties, wrap angles, web slippage and bearing loads.
  • Explore systems with 3-D visualizations that show web flow and system tensions using force arrows and color mapping.
The MapleSim Web Handling Library contains a variety of components that can be customized to suit your specific model. Features include:

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Industrial Example:

Spring-loaded roller dancer to regulate the unwind zone web tension

Web tension is managed by the torque applied to the center of the roll by a brake, clutch, or drive. Tension controllers can regulate this torque, to make any necessary correction or adjustments throughout the process, allowing for continuous production.
The use of a spring-loaded dancer allows the controller to adjust the tension based on the changes in the roll radius as it unwinds. Using the MapleSim Web Handling Library to create an accurate model for the unwinding zone, the required brake torque is calculated by a controller based on the rotation angle of the dancer arm.

In this way control engineers can generate high-fidelity simulation data of the web tension applied across various tension zones, reducing the time and cost needed for developing physical prototypes. Simulations are completed in minutes – not days – and allow engineers to quickly test multiple designs for brake response, web speed, and more


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