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The Clickable Calculus Study Guides for Precalculus, Calculus, and Multivariate Calculus are now available directly in Maple.

Maple study guides are interactive Maple e-books in core math subjects.  Each study guide covers fundamental concepts through visualization, practice problems, and theory.  Learn from hundreds of worked problems, and then apply these same Clickable Math tools to check your own homework and get extra practice.

Explore these guides:

Precalculus Study Guide


Provides a focused review of precalculus


Covers 11 key topics


Each problem is solved four ways: a mathematical solution (that is, solve as you'd see in a textbook), using an interactive Maplet, using clickable techniques, and using Maple commands.

Mathematical solution

Maplet solution

Interactive solution


Calculus Study Guide


Comprehensive coverage of both differential and integral calculus


Supplements your textbook with explanations, plots, and animations


Use Maple to work through example problems.

Plot and animations enhance lessons.

Step-by-step solutions


Multivariate Calculus Study Guide


Visits all topics from a standard multivariate calculus course


Focus on understanding new ideas and gaining a deep understanding


Problems worked in various methods, including a mathematical solution, an interactive Maple solution, and a coded Maple solution


The same problem shown using interactive steps and using Maple commands.