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Statistics and Data Analysis

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Combining a comprehensive set of algorithms, powerful numerical and symbolic capabilities, and a rich, intuitive authoring environment, Maple is the ideal tool for your predictive modeling and simulation projects.

Advanced Features for Statistical Analytics:
Data Analysis & Applications
More Features and Examples
Statistics Package Features Videos
Statistics Tutorial Videos
Descriptive Statistics
Inferential Statistics
Random Variables and Probability Distributions
Data Analysis and Applications Videos
Live Math Apps from the MapleCloud

Maple Math Apps provide demonstrations that illustrate various mathematical and scientific concepts. The following are live examples that can be interacted with online, or downloaded for use in Maple or the free Maple Player.

Software Solutions to Enhance Statistics Education

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For many years, technology has proved its usefulness in the mathematics classroom. Advances in symbolic computation and user interface design have resulted in tools that make it easy for instructors and students to explore concepts, experiment with ‘what if’ scenarios, visualize results, and solve engaging real-world problems. Statistics classrooms have also made use of technology, but unfortunately many of the traditional tools are harder to use, less advanced, or less flexible than those available for mathematics, making it more difficult for both students and instructors to achieve the same benefits.

Searching, Exploring and Visualizing Data using Maple

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With the ever-expanding sea of available data and data repositories, navigating the vast quantities of information can be a difficult task. Maple, the advanced computing software from Maplesoft, is a powerful, interactive data visualization tool.