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set up appropriate parameters for plotting


Calling Sequence




Calling Sequence

plotsetup(DeviceType, TerminalType, options)




graphics device type; for example, gif, ps, tek, x11, bmp, or char



(optional) specific terminal or device supporting the graphics; for example, tektronix graphics are supported under xterm, kermit, ln03, and many other terminals and printers



each option is of the form name=value where name is one of plotdevice, plotoutput, preplot, postplot, plotoptions



plotsetup sets the value of the five interface variables that control the device used for rendering graphics. These variables are:


the graphics driver to use


the file to hold the output


a list of integers specifying setup conditions for the graphics device


a list of integers specifying shutdown conditions for the graphics device


a string of comma separated values known to the graphics driver


The special device name help will, if passed as the first argument to plotsetup, cause a list of supported plot devices to be printed.


The plot device name inline is used, on appropriate user interfaces, to select inline plotting (for example, in worksheets).


The plot device name default is used to set up plotting using the default values for the user interface being used. For details, see plot/device.


Note: The plotsetup(gdi) command sets a device-independent graphics driver for plotting. gdi is not available in the Standard Worksheet interface or Command-Line interface.


After specifying the device and terminal type, plotsetup accepts options controlling the values of the interface variables.  Each option is of the form name=value where name should be one of plotdevice, plotoutput, preplot, postplot, and plotoptions.


plotdevice specifies the type of graphics device being used. It should not normally be overridden. Note that the x11 driver is not supported on Macintosh® or from the Standard worksheet interface.


plotoutput specifies the output file for the device driver. The special value "terminal" specifies that output should go to the main terminal or screen if possible.


preplot contains a list of small integer values. Positive values are sent to the graphics output before rendering begins. When a negative value is encountered in the preplot sequence, the graphics driver pauses for the specified number of seconds. preplot is usually used to put text terminals or printers into graphics mode.


postplot is interpreted in the same way as preplot but the characters are sent after plotting has finished. It is typically used to return to text mode.


plotoptions is a string containing comma separated keywords that are recognized by the device drivers. For example, plotsetup(ps, plotoptions=`color,portrait`) tells the PostScript driver to perform color plotting in a portrait orientation. For a complete list of the plotoptions keywords supported for each device, see the plot/device help page.





plotsetupps,plotoutput=``,plotoptions=`portrait, noborder, width=1000, height=500`


In the following example, the plot appears in a separate window as a Maplet application, but not as an independently executable Maplet file.



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