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A Powerful Research Tool

People around the world rely on Maple to support ground-breaking research in mathematics, engineering, chemistry, biology, computing, and more.

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Here’s what makes Maple an essential tool for your research:

  • Over 5000 functions covering virtually every area of mathematics, with the breadth, depth, and performance to meet all your mathematical challenges
  • World-leading algorithms for solving problems that are beyond the reach of any other software system, including in differential equations, physics, and more
  • Support for symbolic, numeric, and hybrid computations, so you can choose the best approach for your problem
  • Sophisticated programming language designed for mathematics, suitable for everything from simple scripts to large-scale algorithms and applications (in fact, Maple itself is written almost entirely in the Maple language!)
  • Efficient algorithms and tools for high performance computing and large-scale problem solving
  • Illuminating 2-D and 3-D plots and animations
  • Rich authoring environment for creating technical documents, presentations, and interactive applications


Maple is an important research tool for any discipline that involves mathematics. Here are just a very few of them:

Quantum computation
Theoretical physics
Worst case circuit analysis
Number theory
Fluid mechanics
Transmission line modeling
Program generation
Experimental mathematics
Digital filter design
Machine learning
Group theory
Dynamical systems
Algebraic geometry

User Case Studies
Maple Conference Research Talks

Many researchers who use Maple choose to share some of their work at the annual Maple Conference. Here are just a few examples:
Maple Transactions Journal
Maple Transactions is an open-access online journal that publishes refereed expositions on computer-assisted research in mathematics, applications, and education. Most of the research that is published in this journal is done with the help of Maple.