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MapleSim for Educators and Students

The Modern Approach to Modeling and Simulation

With MapleSim, educators have an industry-proven tool to help bridge the gap between theory and practice. Built on the world-leading Maple mathematics engine and the open-standard Modelica modeling language, MapleSim gives you the ability to engage your students with complex, real-world examples and prepare them for the challenges they will face in industry.

  • Multiple domains, one environment. The MapleSim modeling environment combines components from different engineering domains so that students in all engineering streams can build and explore realistic designs and study the system-level interactions.
  • Model systems, not equations. Systems that would take hours or days to construct from first-principle equations can be created in a fraction of the time using MapleSim, so you can incorporate significantly more complex examples into your courses.
  • Connect the concepts. With system-level equations available for demonstrating concepts like parameter optimization and sensitivity analysis, and the ability to define new components from first principles using mathematical equations, MapleSim allows you to make the connection between the math and the model behavior.
  • Simulate virtually, validate physically. Simulation allows students to safely investigate a much larger range of conditions than is possible by testing with hardware alone, with no risk of damage to equipment and for much less cost.

Engineering Curriculum Content: Exploring Engineering Fundamentals

Free, professionally developed content designed to teach engineering fundamentals. Students use this material to explore and reinforce concepts, and instructors use it to supplement lectures, and as base material for labs and assignments.

Would You Like to Teach with MapleSim?

Engineering institutions from around the world have began to adopt MapleSim in the classroom. Benefits include:

  • MapleSim illustrates concepts, and helps students learn the connection between theory and physical behavior
  • A wide variety of models are available to help you get started right away
  • Steep discounts are available for students

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MapleSim for educators
MapleSim Student Edition

For Engineering Students: MapleSim Student Edition

Professional physical modeling at a student price!

  • Take advantage of the same, fully-functional product the professionals use
  • Prepare yourself for industry by using a modern, system-level modeling tool
  • Construct systems that would take hours or days to create from first-principle equations in a fraction of the time
  • Build and explore realistic designs
  • Study the system-level interactions of multidomain models in a single environment
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