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Maple Connector for SysML: Your gateway to informed design decisions and enhanced efficiency

From managing the structured data hidden within system models to keeping track of design decisions, Maple Connector for SysML helps design engineers streamline their workflow.

Maple Connector for SysML is the most effective way of integrating critical datasets for engineering design analysis and calculations.

By utilizing Maple as the transformation layer for SysML structured data, engineers can now parse reliable design information into downstream analyses to support informed design decisions.

  • Improve the process of managing the information that flows out of and into the system model.
  • Integrate engineering data and executable relationships, rapidly and consistently, into Maple worksheets, Maple Flow calculation documents, and third-party analysis tools.
  • Enable traceability of data for safe and secure bidirectional connectivity across different engineering functions.

Maple Connector for SysML enables Design Engineers to:

Never lose track of your data

Information can be defined, retrieved, modified, and fed into the system model by navigating design choices and data trails.

Manage engineering units

Computations involving units are more efficient, helping save time and reduce errors when converting between unit systems.

Make better design decisions

Gives fast access to structured data to produce effective analysis.

Using the Maple Connector for SysML:
Maximize the value of your engineering data

SysML data structures can be easily passed from the system model for use in downstream analyses, promoting efficiency and consistency in your design processes. The connection to the system model grants design teams a safe and secure gateway to meet their data needs and provides bi-directional connectivity to support timely updates of calculation results and the underlying equations.

  •  Maple Connector extracts SysML structures that include parameters and their relationships from the system model into Maple.
  •  The retrieved structured data is transformed into equations that include mathematical relationships, parameter assignments and dimensional engineering units.
  •  These equations can be used as executable assets for analyses and simulations in Maple, Maple Flow and MapleSim, or automatically code-generated for integration into external tools.
  •  Maintaining dimensional integrity throughout the calculations offers easy unit conversions and error-trapping to help identify and fix errors in the system model.
  •  As the system model matures and more information is added, analysis of the system - such as mass, energy, cost roll-ups, constraint evaluations, or trade studies - can be instantly performed with any new information and relationships.
  •  Key design concepts and findings allow your team to make fast, reliable decisions, that are traceable back to the system model.

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