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Virtual Commissioning using MapleSim

Build better machines, solve performance issues, and get an earlier start on validating your control code by connecting MapleSim simulations to your automation platform.

Optimize your control systems and boost performance through Virtual Commissioning

With MapleSim, you can find control code efficiencies and run your production hardware at peak performance by connecting MapleSim virtual models to your existing automation development platform.

  • Develop optimized control code by rapidly testing different strategies against a virtual machine model.
  • Fix unwanted vibrations or other machine issues before resorting to hardware upgrades.
  • Get real-time, 3-D visualizations of your machine’s response to different control strategies.


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What is Virtual Commissioning?
Virtual Commissioning: Speeding Up Automation Testing and Validation Using MapleSim and Studio 5000

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What is Virtual Commissioning?

Physical Commissioning vs Virtual Commissioning

When launching a product, after design and development is completed, the commissioning phase is when the product elements are all fitted together with the supporting systems, and the final version is prepared for launch.

For automation products, Physical Commissioning involves operational checks and testing the product alongside the PLC code. At this point hardware and software resources are locked in, making it expensive to make any changes.

In comparison, Virtual Commissioning provides a virtual environment to complete the checks and final control tests, without harming equipment or operators. The simulation uses virtual replicas of the system’s components, making it cheap and effective to make corrections or try out different configuration options.

How does it work?

With MapleSim, virtual commissioning of a machine’s dynamics combines three important pieces: 

  • A MapleSim digital model provides a system-level simulation of the physical machine
  • The controller code that governs the dynamic motion and responds to sensor feedback
  • The machine development software that allows the two to run together.

The success of virtual commissioning relies on the seamless integration of the model using MapleSim’s PLC Connectivity options.

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Why use Virtual Commissioning?

The physical commissioning process can be costly, unpredictable and time consuming. Whether you are creating a new product or making modifications to an existing design, virtual commissioning has the following benefits:

  • Build better products
  • Align your product design with your control strategy
  • Bring forward the timeline for controller testing
  • Produce a virtual testbed for your control code

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Getting started with Virtual Commissioning

Maplesoft's full-service solutions make it easy to implement virtual commissioning, so you can use this powerful approach to diagnose, fix, and optimize machine performance.

Our Turnkey Solutions provide a simple path to machine simulation - no previous modeling experience required!

  • Our experts work with your team to understand your project, and then construct a system-level Digital Model from scratch or by importing your CAD design.
  • We supply an easy-to-use but powerful simulation platform to run the initial model.
  • You can actuate the model and analyze the results with built-in optimization apps and debugging capabilities, and view and share 3-D visualizations.
  • You can connect directly to common automation platforms and quickly validate control strategies against the virtual model.
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Maplesoft Technology Works With

Maplesoft Engineering Solutions helps automation companies implement virtual commissioning using model-based digital twins, putting the benefits of virtual commissioning within reach even for those who are just getting started
Maplesoft Technology works with Beckoff
Maplesoft Technology works with Rockwell Automation
CodeSYS EtherNet/IP
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MapleSim Connectors

Make virtual commissioning easier by using your MapleSim models with add-on connectors to integrate with your automation development software, allowing you to visualize, test, and validate your machine’s control strategies.
  • Export your model to an Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI)-compatible file format for use with B&R Automation Studio, Beckhoff’s TwinCAT and Rockwell Studio 5000.
  • Directly connect your automation tool to MapleSim through the open standard EtherNet/IP industrial protocol compatible with CODESYS-based systems.
  • Automatically generate ANSI-C code S-Function blocks to incorporate in controllers as part of your existing toolchain.

MapleSim Insight

MapleSim Insight gives machine builders powerful, simulation-based debugging and 3-D visualization capabilities that directly connect to your automation tools, so you can perform simulation-based testing of your controller easily and efficiently.

Services and Solutions

Expand your modeling capabilities into specialist fields with the MapleSim add-on libraries

Maplesoft Engineering Solutions can provide you with expertise and technology to meet your project requirements quickly. Professional services include product design validation and optimization; code development for in-the-loop simulations; analysis & design calculation tools; and customized training.

Turnkey solutions from Maplesoft Engineering Solutions offer a low-effort way to test out virtual commissioning for your own projects by fast-tracking delivery of an initial model – no previous modeling expertise is required.

Maplesoft Engineering Solutions experts can help you with your design projects.

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