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Series Hybrid Electric Vehicle with Cooling System

This model represents a series-HEV model with a cooling system. The model features a physics-based Li-ion battery pack, an IC engine, electrical motors/generators, a power controller, and a cooling system. The vehicle chassis is modeled as a 2D vehicle dynamics with a simplified Pacejka tire model.

The coolant fluid, pushed through the system by a pump, takes the heat emitted by the engine block and the battery pack away and dissipates the heat captured into the surrounding air through the radiator. The air flow into the radiator is regulated based on the vehicle speed and by a fan.


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Model: Series Hybrid Electric Vehicle with Cooling System

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Model Images
  • model Vehicle model showing the Engine/Generator, Battery and Power Control, Electric Drive and Cooling System
  • subsystem Subsystem view of the engine
  • plots Simulation results showing temperatures, coolant, heat flow, and fan and ram flow
  • plots2 Simulation results showing battery state of charge, vehicle speed, fuel consumption, and electric power
  • plots 3 Simulation results showing engine speed and intake manifold properties
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