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Model-Driven Innovation in Machine Design

How virtual prototyping and dynamic load analysis can help you to reduce machine design costs and get to market faster.

The Model-Driven Innovation approach, and its emphasis on employing virtual prototyping at the system-level, is an invaluable technique when designing complex, dynamic machines. This approach uses tools like MapleSim so that:

  • Problems can be fixed before the system integration and physical prototyping stages.
  • Project delays can be avoided because engineers are able to quickly detect, and correct, problems that arise due to the interactions between different subsystems.
  • Systems can be analyzed, and designs validated and improved with access to the underlying mathematics.

By employing this approach, machine design companies can reduce development risks, develop better products, and get to market faster.

Disponible en français: L'innovation orientée modèle dans la conception d'une machine

Auf Deutsch verfügbar! Modellorientierte Innovation in der Maschinenentwicklung

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