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Coupled Inductors

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This module explains the functions of coupled inductors and explores the equations governing their performance. It will present mutual inductance, dot notation, the coupling coefficient, the turns ratio, and finally the ideal transformer. This module will explain how to model coupled inductors and provide modeling examples in MapleSim. Keywords & Topics:
Inductor, coupled inductors, transformers, ideal transformer, coupling coefficient, turns ratio, coil, flux, step-up, step-down
Main Topic: Electric Circuits


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What's Inside?

Maple Document
Explore the theory with textbook descriptions, live math, and interactive components. If you don’t have Maple, you can download the free Maple Player.

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MapleSim Models
Reinforce the concepts and visualize the physical behaviours of the system.

Preview - Voltage Across Coupled Inductors
Preview - Power through Transformers

Assessment Questions
Assess student understanding with a set of questions that you can use directly within Möbius Assessment, available from the Maplesoft spin-off company DigitalEd.

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