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Response to Harmonic Excitation Part 1: Undamped systems

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This module analyzes the response of a single-degree-of-freedom system represented by a spring-mass system to harmonic excitation (without damping). The corresponding equations of motion are developed and concepts such as beats and resonance are discussed. Numerical examples, interactive plots, and steps to create MapleSim simulations are included to enhance the learning experience. Keywords & Topics:
Oscillations, harmonic excitation, sine forcing function, cosine forcing function, resonance, beats
Main Topic: Intro to Vibrations


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What's Inside?

Maple Document
Explore the theory with textbook descriptions, live math, and interactive components. If you don’t have Maple, you can download the free Maple Player.

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MapleSim Models
Reinforce the concepts and visualize the physical behaviours of the system.

Preview - Spring-Pendulum
Preview - Spring-Mass

Assessment Questions
Assess student understanding with a set of questions that you can use directly within Möbius Assessment, available from the Maplesoft spin-off company DigitalEd.

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