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What's New in Maple Flow

Maple Flow is updated several times a year, as we continually improve the product and respond to customer requests. On this page, you will find details about the latest enhancements to Maple Flow, as well as information about earlier updates.

Getting the Update
You will receive an email from us whenever we release an update to Maple Flow that you are eligible for, which will provide you with detailed instructions. Point releases can also be found by visiting Download Product Updates.
Maple Flow 2022

Maple Flow 2022.2

The Maple Flow 2022.2 update offers new productivity features and interface enhancements to make it even easier to create and manage your documents.

  • A faster, more intuitive workflow for evaluating calculations. A new optional evaluation method uses = to immediately evaluate a math container, display the result, and recalculate dependent containers. This feature is in response to customers requesting a simpler way to access solutions with fewer keystrokes.
  • More responsive worksheets. Maple Flow prioritizes the evaluation of the math you see on screen, giving you faster calculation updates for the part of the worksheet you’re working on, with more math being evaluated as you scroll down.
  • Increased flexibility with Copy-Paste. You can now select multiple containers at once by creating a drag zone, add them separately to a selection, and also copy and paste part of an existing equation, making it quicker to reuse existing content.
  • New options for gridlines. Text and math containers can be set to automatically align to the grid for better looking layouts, and you can toggle the display and the printing of gridlines.
  • Improved appearance of plots. You can rotate the viewpoint of 3D plots to add clarity to your analysis, and the units on plots are clearer.
  • Additional document examples. The refreshed Application Gallery offers new worksheet templates across a variety of engineering disciplines.
  • Usability updates. Various enhancements make Maple Flow easier to use, including:
    • The Print Settings menu can be used to modify how sections look on the printed page
    • Adding and removing white space and expanding sections is now faster when working on large documents
    • Navigating and moving containers around zoomed-in worksheets is more streamlined

Available to: All Maple Flow 2022 users on Windows and MacOS.

screenshots of MapleFlow
Maple Flow 2022.1

The Maple Flow 2022.1 update adds new features to give you more control over the appearance of your document.

  • Global control over number formatting.  You can specify if you want your results to be displayed using engineering, scientific, or fixed notation, and this option will be applied to all your documents.
  • Easier to add images to your document. Supporting images can be cut and pasted from another source directly into Maple Flow using standard clipboard operations.
  • Timestamp documents for tracking and record-keeping. A timestamp field can be added in the header or footer so that current date and time information is included when the worksheet is printed or exported to PDF.
  • More formatting options. You can now set borders around the header, footer, and page edges to improve the look of the document, especially when creating standardized templates.
  • Additional product help. New content in the help system makes it easier to get started with advanced features, including techniques for optimization and signal processing.

Available to: All Maple Flow 2022 users

Maple Flow 2022

Maple Flow 2022 offers a variety of productivity improvements that improve your workflow.

  • Improved product help. A new, integrated help system contains only the help pages you need, and displays them as Maple Flow documents. As a result, it’s now quicker and easier to find the answers you are looking for, and the information is easier to use since you can now copy and paste examples into your own document.
  • Simplified installation process. Maple Flow no longer requires a separate Maple installation in order to function, so you only need to install and activate a single product – Maple Flow.
  • More formatting options. You can now set background colors to draw attention to important results or groups of containers.
  • Enhanced performance. Documents are updated more quickly when you change a parameter.
  • Usability updates. Various interface enhancements make Maple Flow easier to use, including:
    • You can use Tab to cycle through placeholders of an expression template
    • Repositioning vectors, matrices and arrays on the canvas is smoother
    • After deleting an equals sign used for evaluation, the result now also disappears

Available to: Maple Flow customers who were enrolled in the Maplesoft Elite Maintenance Plan at the time of its release. (Customers who were not under EMP at that time can contact Maplesoft sales to obtain an upgrade.)

Maple Flow 2021

Maple Flow 2021.2.1

This updates fixes a serious problem that some macOS users were experiencing with doubled characters appearing when using the shift key.

Available to: All Maple Flow 2021 users on macOS

Maple Flow 2021.2

The Maple Flow 2021.2 update offers a richer range of formatting features for creating professional-looking engineering documents.  

  • Categorize your content using sections. You can group and collapse areas of the canvas to simplify the look of your work. Sections can be titled, and the boundary of the section can be formatted to reflect the look you want.
  • Choose whether to display commands . You can align your formatting to your audience - when preparing for tech reviewers, set the command lines to be visible, and hide them for the finished print-ready document.
  • Greater control over when to apply calculation updates. Select how you want calculations to be evaluated when making a series of changes, by enabling or disabling Automatic Evaluation.
  • Draw and write text on images. You can customize images (such as title or headers blocks) with project-specific information.
  • An improved interface gives you faster response to computational parameter changes and edits you make.

Available to: All Maple Flow 2021 users

Maple Flow 2021.1

This update contains the following additions and improvements:

  • Printing/export to pdf
    • Define your page size (e.g. letter, A4 etc.) and margins
    • Define headers/footers for the printed page /export PDF
    • Display the page extents on the canvas
  • Style sets
    • Support for text/math styles
    • Switch styles with Maple-based style sets
  • Separate numeric/symbolic calculation modes
    • Additional “symbolic” evaluation mode that suppresses numeric evaluation as much as possible
    • Symbolic evaluation mode can be made “sticky” (i.e. all future math containers will be symbolic if sticky symbolic mode is set)
  • Japanese language support
  • Other interface enhancements and bug fixes

Available to: All Maple Flow 2021 users

Maple Flow 2021

Initial release

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