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What's New in Maple Flow

Maple Flow is updated several times a year, as we continually improve the product and respond to customer requests. On this page, you will find details about the latest enhancements to Maple Flow, as well as information about earlier updates.

Getting the Update
You will receive an email from us whenever we release an update to Maple Flow that you are eligible for, which will provide you with detailed instructions. Point releases can also be found by visiting Download Product Updates.
Maple Flow 2024

The Maple Flow 2024 release offers many new productivity enhancements and more powerful mathematical capabilities to save you time when creating and managing your engineering calculations worksheets.

Enhance your Productivity:
  • Easily complete any command
    Get the correct result every time, even with unfamiliar commands, by having automatic argument completion step in to guide you smoothly through the options as you type.
  • Inline Matrix Browser
    You can now scroll through large matrices and vectors directly inside your document with the inline matrix browser, while still maintaining a compact view of the matrix.
    You can resize the whole matrix, expand rows or columns to fit more digits, and even switch to view a heatmap of the matrix values with a simple double-click.
  • Insert variables from the Variables palette
    Skip typing out complex variable names, by inserting variables directly using the Variables palette.
  • Change units in matrix and vector results
    You can now customize units in matrices, vectors, and lists that appear in results.
  • Add bookmarks within worksheets
    Create quick links to specific parts of your documents by assigning Bookmarks to containers. This lets you build a hyperlinked table of contents to quickly navigate larger worksheets.
Powerful Math Capabilities:
  • Performance boost
    This release of Maple Flow supports larger data plots and evaluates worksheets faster.
  • Easier elementwise math
    Distribute mathematical operations across all the elements of a matrix, vector, list, or array with the new elementwise function.
  • Enable/disable automatic worksheet evaluation on load
    Add greater control for evaluation when changing files or after updating upstream resource documents.
  • Open worksheet tabs as new windows by tearing away tabs
    You can tile two worksheets side by side by tearing away tabs into their own windows.
  • "Paste as Math" option
    You can choose to copy math functions along with text from other projects and workbook templates, to easily reuse calculations.
Other new usability features:
  • Add Greek letters using keyboard shortcut 'Ctrl + G' after typing the equivalent Roman letter.
  • Show/hide commands across multiple containers at once.
  • New formatting option to strip out all empty rows in a worksheet.
  • Choose to print all collapsed sections as if they were expanded.

Available to: Maple Flow customers who were enrolled in the Maplesoft Elite Maintenance Plan at the time of its release. (Customers who were not under EMP at that time can contact Maplesoft sales to obtain an upgrade.)

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