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Calculation Management Environment

With Maple, you can treat your calculations like the valuable asset they are

Calculation Management Environment

The mathematical foundation of many engineering projects is frequently done haphazardly on paper or in a spreadsheet, but such an informal approach comes with risks. Not only can calculation mistakes propagate throughout your entire project, but you also risk the loss of the assumptions, insights, and derivation details needed for future work. With Maple, you can treat your calculations like the valuable asset they are.

  • Mathematical expressions are displayed in standard notation, so they are easy to interpret and any mistakes made when entering the problem are simple to spot and correct.
  • You can combine math, text, images, plots and more in a single document, so you can record your all your assumptions, reasoning, insights, and conclusions together with your calculations, so they are always available when you need them.
  • All of your calculations, documentation, data, and analyses are stored as a single file so nothing gets lost and it is easy to share your work with others.
  • Multiple deployment options are available for making your Maple documents and interactive applications available to others, even if they do not have Maple.

Calculation Management Done Right

Treating your Calculations as an Essential Company Asset