Migrating Mathcad® 15 worksheets to Maple Flow

Migrating Mathcad® 15 worksheets to Maple Flow

You can maintain access to your Mathcad 15 designs and data libraries for new projects by moving them into Maple Flow, the everyday calculation tool for your team to produce high-quality design analysis and reports.

Moving Your Design Tasks to Maple Flow

With Mathcad 15 licensing and support expiring in 2025, customers are looking for solutions to keep using critical design and analysis worksheets.

Maple Flow provides an alternative calculation software tool to PTC® Mathcad Prime® for those with large repositories of historical design documents.

Maplesoft can help you with switching to Maple Flow:

The first step is to evaluate Maple Flow on its own merits and confirm that it’s the right tool for you. We’ll help you with training, and walk-throughs with product specialists. If needed, we’ll help you convert an example Mathcad worksheet to Maple Flow format and talk you through the comparative benefits.

Next, if you’re convinced that Maple Flow is the right tool for you, we offer a range of migration services to move your historical library of Mathcad 13, 14 and 15 worksheets to Maple Flow. These include:

  • Low effort automated migration for simpler Mathcad worksheets, with a light human touch for fine-tuning the layout.
  • Custom training and example templates for new users to get started faster.
  • Fully managed services for more complex Mathcad worksheets, including QA steps.

Work with us to determine the right path for your needs.

Migrating Mathcad Worksheets

If you have Mathcad 13/14/15 files in .xmcd format, you know the challenge of your engineering team continuing to use them in ongoing projects, especially for those on Windows 11.

Maplesoft can save you time and effort by moving the equations, variable definitions, units, layout and more from Mathcad 13, 14 and 15 worksheets to Maple Flow, so your worksheets can be recreated with the least investment in time.

The option of automated migration is valuable to customers with large repositories of Mathcad files, that have concerns over the lengthy process to rebuild the critical content in another standalone tool.

Why update calculation worksheets to Maple Flow?

Here are some of the reasons engineers are switching to Maple Flow:

  • Advanced mathematics and professional-looking layouts in one platform. Maple Flow is an everyday calculation and reporting tool that gives engineers access to over 5000 advanced math functions when conducting complex analysis, and then easily present the findings, ready for sharing.
  • Common engineering calculation tasks are easy and efficient. Maple Flow supports the automatic tracking of units, the use of external data sources as inputs for parameters, add formatting to key sections, and more! This all reduces errors and makes the documents faster to create and easier to check.
  • Continuous support and flexible licensing. Maplesoft is committed to the long-term development and maintenance of Maple Flow, and offers both perpetual and subscription licensing options.

What engineers say about using Maple Flow:

“It has eliminated unit conversion errors”
Assign units as you define variables and have them cascade through your report.

“The solver commands are ready-to-use at my fingertips”
Access over 5000 efficient math functions, saving time with solvers, parametric analysis, plots, and signals.

“I can easily import reference list data”
Import data from spreadsheets and text for use within Maple Flow equations.

“The wide range of formatting options and sections makes it simpler to review my worksheets”
The flexible layouts align to the way engineers like to work, making it easy and efficient to create professional-looking design reports.

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