Transform your Power System Protection Design Worksheets - Maple Flow

Transform your Power System Protection Design Worksheets with Maple Flow

When reducing the risk of wildfires from arc-flashes, or calculating relay and circuit breaker settings to protect transmission lines, Maple Flow is a powerful engineering calculation tool to help protection systems engineers work faster, and meet design compliance standards.

How does Maple Flow help Protection Systems Engineers?

Maple Flow is designed for the way protection systems engineers like to work.

Efficient Calculations for Protective Relays and Circuit Breakers

  • Powerful math features. Protection system engineers can use built-in mathematical tools and solvers to quickly generate the design worksheets for critical relay and breaker assets.
  • More flexible than spreadsheets. Switching to Maple Flow lets you display equations with full mathematical notation, and track units alongside your parameter values.
  • Save engineering time. Reuse steps from previous projects by creating design templates for common tasks like calculating relay settings and coordination designs.

Avoid Risk When Preparing Design Worksheets for Regulators

  • Gather supporting design notes in one place. Maple Flow makes it easy to add diagrams, notes, and analysis into reports ready for compliance submissions (such as for NERC PRC, IEC, or other Commission standards).
  • Easy to review. Maple Flow’s flexible formatting lets you create calculation worksheets that are fast to keep current and easy for reviewers to read and follow.
  • Link to external documents. Importing data from common data file types allows results and settings to be extracted from asset management tools without the risk of manual data-entry errors. One such example is exporting protection relay settings to SEL configuration tools.

A World-class Software Company That’s Easy to Work With

  • Support you can count on. Our attentive account and technical support teams ensure your engineers get the most value from our products, and the licensing options that meet your needs.
  • A smooth transition from your old calculation software. Maplesoft’s Migration Assistant can assist you with transferring your existing design worksheets and files from Excel or PTC Mathcad® 15 to Maple Flow.
  • We listen because we care. We engage with our corporate customers and provide them with direct access to our Product Management team - to help us understand your business priorities and include your suggestions in our development roadmap.

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Example Use Case: Protective Relay Design Tasks Using Maple Flow

Engineers can extract the relay hardware data from manufacturer data sheets or relay databases and pass this into Maple Flow using built-in file import features, ready to be worked into equations. The design worksheets can also include parameters from substation and real-world protective relay settings (typically tracked in power systems asset management tools, such as ASPEN OneLinerTM, DigSilent StationWareTM, ETAP StarTM, or AcSELerator QuickSet®)

As your transmission grid evolves over time and relay settings change, Maple Flow makes it simple for engineers to update parameters and results in the design worksheets to keep current with the revised settings.

Maple Flow offers a means of capturing supplementary analysis and design notes that can be presented in professional-quality reports to meet regulatory compliance or regional utility commission audit requirements.

More About Maple Flow:

Application: see how Power Systems Engineers are using Maple Flow – Arc Flash Calculation (IEEE 1584-2018)

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